Strictly•Beauty // Through The Letterbox ♡


Through The letterbox. Amazing things can happen through the letterbox. Personally I have quite a few parcels arriving on a daily basis. Without sounding too cliché brown paper packages are one of my favourite things so when the post comes, I pop the kettle on and sit and open my post.

I run an online shop called Strictly Boho so I order my jewellery making supplies mainly from China or Brazil so as you can imagine these packages can take upto 3 weeks to arrive. I order that much, that some weeks I forget what’s coming (temporarily) and it’s pleasantly suprising to open a package and see some gorgeous Amethyst pendants or Tigers Eye Nugget Beads I ordered 3 weeks earlier.

This is the main reason for today’s (and every Sunday from now) is to show you a few of my favourite deliveries for that week. I love reading these sort of posts myself, having a nosey into someones life and learning more about your blogging friends is great.

Here are some items I recieved this week:







My favourites from this week are my face masks, The Fullers Earth one has come in its raw form which I love – it lasts so much longer.

I love my bronzers. I have a bronzer addiction I’m sure of it, the 4 you see in the picture is just this weeks deliveries. How many bronzers does a person need?

My third favourite is the nude eyeshadow pallette from Boots – They blend fabulously and I’ve been wearing them every day. Smokey eyes with a nude lip just lovely.

Finally, My jewellery bits, beads and findings are my favourite to get through the post, I love creating new looks for my shop, Strictly Boho and am currently designing and making my Autumn/Winter Collection.

That’s all for today lovelies please leave me some love below, what did you buy this past week that’s worth recommending?

Lots of love,



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