Strictly●Beauty // ATAL Glacial Clay Gel Mask Review.

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and don’t you think it’s come around quickly?

My dad came over for a visit today – we all watched Ice Age (daughters choice) and danced to the Disney Frozen soundtrack! Such fun!

Today I’ve had planned a good pampering session, but with a 3 year old it’s hard to find the time, so I compromised and have relaxed with a new mask I recieved from a company called ATAL. At first glance it looks quite expensive so I’m really excited to be reviewing it today.


The mask.
When I first opened the mask I was really quite suprised – from the outer white pot and the way it’s presented I was not expecting a seaweed green mud inside with the strongest odour ever. I can’t put the finger on what the smell is – but it’s very strong!

It came equipped with a small plastic spoon – I attempted to use this to apply the mask to my face. It kept falling off the spoon everywhere so I think I need more practice with that – especially as one side was to smooth out the mask so you don’t get it all on your fingers. This time, however, I was happy to use my fingers.

The thing that struck me when it was applied allover my face was the feeling you got. It hit you straight away allover your face – it felt like it was really doing something which I love about face masks. This feeling on your face is the mask at work working your blood flow – it feels strange but great!

It stung around my nostrils – quite alot actually – but after a while it soothed – this is my own fault for applying it too close to my nose.

The instructions said to wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry.


Photo taken 2 minutes after applying the mask.

Even though there was a strong odour I could definately feel it working. After 10 minutes the clay dried and the stinging stopped and my face was starting to feel tight underneath. A good sign in my experience.

I washed it off using a normal muslin cloth using luke warm water and the immediate effect was fantastic. My face felt divine. My skin was plump, smooth & completely hydrated!

I applied some day cream afterwards to soak in and get the full effects which worked incredibly well.

Even now, 2 hours on, My face still feels smooth and cleansed.


My conclusion

I would definately recommend this face mask I truely believe it’s worth the £32.50 for 65g price tag. I would repurchase this item every time!

That concludes my review today – I hope you get to try this mask at some point as I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

You can purchase this mask on offer HERE for £16.50 bargain.

***For my readers only***
Order now and recieve £2.50 off this mask.
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One code per person / valid between 8am 19/09/15 to 19/10/15

Click the above link to be taken to the store!

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Please Note
**This post was sponsored by ATAL Skin Solutions. My views are my own. Nothing or no one has influenced my opinion in any way**

I have used this mask twice since this review. The second time I used ATAL clay mask I refrained from heavy cleansing before hand – which, in turn, felt amazing. There was no stinging it felt really refreshing. I will be using this mask every week.


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