Strictly ● Beauty // SKn Naturals Anti-Ageing Clay Mask


Hi Lovelies –

In today’s post I’ll be reviewing a new & Upcoming brand SKn Naturals & their Anti-Ageing Green Clay Mask.

When I first recieved the mask in the post I didn’t quite believe the size of it. The mask came in a tin screw-lid pot & is a generous 250ml // 8.8 fl oz.

Reading the label on the lid it suggests Hydrating Mineral Rich Green Clay Treatment For Glowing Youthful Skin  how exciting does that sound?


I only recieved this mask yesterday, I have used it once last night & once today so my review will be purely on first-time usage.. I will continue to use this mask and write a long term review about it when I feel the times right to do so!


When I opened the pot for the first time – there was a plastic seal locking in the mask. Once opened I was expecting to be over-powered by an aroma of some kind, but I wasn’t! From looking at the mask id expect a smell of some kind, it looks like a strong clay mask. I was pleasantly suprise to not have to smell clay for 15 minutes. This will suit people who are sensitive to strong odours – as there isn’t one!

The colour is a deep green colour & as you would expect a clay mask to look like.


The mask is of thick consistency, it glides onto your face nice and smoothly. For my mask last night I attempted to do a really thin layer, which I did with ease. Todays mask I put quite a good amount on. This mask allows you to do both. I’ve had a mask before where it was impossible to do a thin layer it was all or nothing! This mask isn’t like that you can smoothly glide as little or as much as you need.


(Here I am trying to get a picture to show off the colour)

Whilst on my face the mask didn’t dry. It stays wet throughout your treatment, I could laugh, I could talk easily and go about my day. It would be quite easy to forget you had it on, it didn’t feel stingy or made my face tight as some do – Great for irritable skin!


I kept my mask on for half an hour, although the tin suggests 10 minutes and It still felt freshly applied. During this time I did notice a change in some of the colouring and texture but that’s normal and a sign it’s doing its job.



I removed my mask using a muslin cloth and hot water, I then using the mask and massaged my face with my cloth and continued to wash it off with more hot water. It came of so easily no problems at all.

After my facial treatment I noticed straight away how smooth my skin feels, after just 2 uses! My skin looks fresh and slightly more matted and balanced. I’m really really pleased with the results of this face mask.


( Here My daughter wanted to join in so I applied a moisturising cream to her face and said it was mask)

‘This treatment will bring youthful, radiant glow to your skin. Rich in minerals, the green clay is harvested from the earth, blended with natural, nourishing oils and contains no nasty chemicals’

I agree with this statement completely. From my first 2 treatments I have noticeably smoother and more radiant skin.

I personally have used the same 2 face masks for the past 12 years so to have found one that I will glady put on my Christmas list or repurchase list is amazing, I’m really happy with the results.

My only criticism, which is actually only a personal preference is that I like my products to feel like they there, it gives me an illusion that they are doing something to my skin. I can’t complain about during the treatment as it’s after the treatment that counts doesn’t it? ….

This mask retails at £35.00 but you can purchase it now  Online Here at £16.99 limited time only & is definately worth that!

SKn Naturals are on Twitter follow them Here

Like SKn Naturals on Facebook HERE

Is there a face mask you can recommend to me?


Please note this post is a sponsored post. I have been sent a product to review. All opinions are mine (and my daughters) no one has influenced me or my thoughts on the product.


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