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Sunday has arrived, and so quickly! So hello & happy sunday to everyone, I hope your all feeling fabulous? Im certainly NOT. I have been suffering from a chest infection which is really draining the life out of me. Im so behind with everything, my blogging, my coursework, my housework.

So firstly I appologise for this post being 2 days late, My paper copy was ready to type up thursday night ready for publishing friday. You know whats said, better late than never right?

Secondly I want to give a little shoutout to my friend Vicky from one of my favourite beauty blogs Vixella Beauty – We have been paired for the Blogger Box Share challenge & Im so excited to be doing it with her. For those of you who dont know, Blogger Box Share has been developed by 2 beauty/lifestyle bloggers, Becky from Blogger & The Geek & Ms Mistry from Ms Mistry Blogs – who pair up entrees based on their preferences. We have a month to get to know each other and by october we must exchange boxes. The boxes are filled with beauty items you think the other person will love and does have a limit of £10 which i think is great, i LOVE a challenge! Bring on the boxes!!!

On with the show –

Todays post, before I rambled on about other exciting things, is to show off what I would describe as my everyday favourites, so into the darkness that is my make-up bag we go…


These are my main concealers, both from Avon Cosmetics – one is a sturdy stick and covers like a dream. I use this more in the evening or if im going on a girls night out. The little tube is a liquid match concealer which is quite light and perfect for covering a breakout or blemish or a daily cover-up.

My mousse foundation here is actually park of a make-up range from wilkos. I usually use dream matte mousse in sand colour, and by off chance I saw it in wilkos and thought id give it a go, the colour match to my skin is spot on, so ill always have one of these in my make up bag from now on! I do recommend giving them a try. (Essence make-up)

The powder is by Seventeen & called Miracle Matte Pressed Powder I bought from Boots Its not the best ever, which is why im waiting on a CK one in the post *super excited*


Mascara is a MUST for any make-up bag, I have around 10, so here I bring you my top three.. Estee Lauder Double Wear is half mascara and half touch up concealer found here! My number 1 .. My trusty waterproof mascara by Rimmel London and never lets me down! Again number 3 is EXTREME one by essence in Wilkos, Ive never had a mascara apply so much volume and black-ness to my eyelashes, although it gets very messy!!


Brushes!!! Everyone should have foundation brushes, eyeshadow brushes & bronzer brushes! A new set is on my wishlist as I seem to have lost most of mine… or my daughter has!!


My most used eyeliners here is a kohl black eyeliner, i wear this everyday!! I dont have a preferable brand however i cant have an eyeliner thats not pencil for your undereye! Here you see a pot of bronze eyeliner and a pot of primer, these are new ive only used them a handful of times – so far so good!


My favourite piece of make up EVER. My eyeshadow collection is Salonniere by Jenny Packham – if I could recommend anything it would be this. Its a truely amazing eyeshadow collection and i wouldnt be without it. The shades are fab and they blend so well together.


Last but definatly not least are lippys! Here are my 3 favourite shades. Glitter Nude (avon) Passion Pink (rimmel) and a Matte Red Gloss-stick (essence)

Have you got some favourites listed here?

Next sunday ill do the other half of my make-up favourites.

Watch out for this weeks sponsored post – a gorgeous new face mask by SKn Naturals.



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