Strictly Beauty – Review of Avons Day & Night Creams.

Hello Lovelies,

My Strictly Beauty Posts will be every week on a Thursday 🙂 Those of you who are new to my blogs – I have a Spend Vs Save where I review two products, one being cheap, one more expensive  (my last one was face scrubs)

Strictly Beauty will concentrate on just one beauty product regardless of price 🙂

On with the show

This week I’m looking at these two products by Avon Cosmetics who are an online & catalogue company.

• Anew Vital Night Gel Cream (25+)
• Anew Vital Day Cream (25+)

These two products I’ve had for a while, I remember buying them, and the reason I’ve had them a while is because I rarely use them. I don’t want them to run out! Is that bad?…

At £20 each they’re not for people who want to budget, and you need to buy them both really to benefit from results, however if you can treat yourself to these I would recommend it.

These ones are specially taylored to ladies ages 25+. There is a cream set for women aged 35+, 45+ etc upto 70+ each of them having their own qualities taylored to that skin type. fabulous.

The pots are made of thick glass. ♡♡

Its true, The pots are so gorgeous, and heavy giving the illusion of expense (i mean real expense of £50+) I’d buy the pots they come in and put regular lotion on them. *swoooons* lush ♡


The cream itself is like a gel however its not as thick as you would expect a gel to be.


The day cream goes on feels nice and lights and massages in quickly, leaving no sign of an oily surface & Hydrating my skin for the day.


The night cream is just as light however stays on your face slightly longer and leaving a slightly oily residue but as it’s for use overnight that’s nothing to be worried about as by morning your skin feeling fresher.

If Instant youthful results are what your after them these creams are not for you. I went through a whole pot of night cream before I saw a visible, more noticeable result. The day cream worked better though when using after washing my face I noticed it kept my skin smooth for the day, providing a balanced base for my make-up.

The verdict

Overall I think this set is worth it, if your after a day to day moisturising lotion, but if your after looking younger then maybe try a different cream.
I think the £20 or so to buy them is a bit steep, I’d pay say £10 each.
They are more luxurious than ordinary face creams and do provide a good start to the day for my skin.

♡♡♡♡ / ♡♡♡♡♡

4/5 hearts for Avon

My mission for this week is to find another day/night cream for people on a budget. can I find them for £5 or less?

Can anyone recommend any good brands of day/night cream?

let me kmow and ill review it 🙂

B x


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