Hunstanton Weekend August 2015 & crochet testers needed!!

Hey all!

So I’ve been behind the scenes working on some autumn/winter gear quite alot recently so a weekends break at the seaside seemed like a wonderbra idea ♡

We went to Hunstanton and stayed in a little white pub with thatch roof called The Crown Inn in Gayton which is around 13 mikes from Hunstanton so we drove in both days.

Mary-Grace loved her weekend, it was her first time on the beach and staying in a guest house of any kind.

We had no signal for phone calls or texts or Internet including 4G, 3G, 2G or even just G which I’ve never seen before as where I live is 4G everywhere (city kid) We joked G clearly meant GONE. tee hee jokes aside it was well annoying how do these people live? even the free WIFI at the Crown was that slow my phone wouldn’t connect with an error message saying “too slow” (seriously!!)..

The beach was nice once you spent half an hour moving all the stones aside to lay down your beach towel. Only to turn around and find the tide our (which brings me to the issue of walking half a mile with no shoes on avoiding seaweed, crabs & rubble) all this aside it really was quite nice to be there.

The second day we went to the funfair bit and they didn’t seem to have height restrictions which means Magz and me got to go on this ride that whoooshed around super fast and In the air (she’s 3yo I remind you) and did she cry? did she heck as like. She loved it THAT much that when I woke her up this morning she mumbled “wanna go rides” before she had even opened her eyes!! awww!

The one thing I did have working on my phone was the camera so here are a handful of the best pics to see what we got upto below.

My next post (tomorrow or wednesday) will be craft related.  I love making my Jewelry and Crocheting till my fingers bleed.

Really I do. I’ll include a free pattern with whatever I post tomorrow. I also may need a couple of testers for my autumn/winter crochet patterns. test my pattern and you can have it free of course before I put the pattern up for sale in my shop.

Thanks for reading (I’m hoping someone did I don’t sit here and tap tap tap away for nothing)

😉 Becca xx


20150815_151424 20150815_173601 20150815_183418 20150816_104531 20150816_104609 20150816_104838 20150816_164526 20150816_172639 20150816_182809 20150816_184608 20150816_184726 20150815_173613 20150815_183308


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